Lynch mob prepares to claim another victim in Pakistan by using blasphemy

Mashal Khan a humanist Muslim murdered by lynch mob in Pakistan is unlikely to get quick justice but a lynch mob is already planning to pull off something similar in a few hours.

Blasphemy charges on some doctors and social workers are being planted in the Tando Muhammad Khan of the province of Sindh.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has organized a medical conference at DHQ Hospital in Tando Muhammad Khan on 16th April.

An inaugural dinner for the same is happening today 15 April 2017 and is being organized by PMA and scheduled in Mir Ghulam Ali Khan Talpur Park in Tando Muhammad Khan City.

Sindh Health Minister will be the chief guest tomorrow and the local parliamentarians and doctors from all over Pakistan are going to attend this.

So what is the controversy?

The problem is the place where the event is happening.

This event will be the first national conference of doctors in Tando Muhammad Khan, however, other similar programs keep happening at the said public park since this is  the only place that can accommodate such large crowd in the small city.

Local Muslims of the city also offer Eid prayer in the public park and hence it’s also called Eid Gah sometimes by the locals.

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A local Muslim activist named Papu Baluch is planning to disrupt this event tomorrow.

He is inciting violence against one doctor specifically, out of tens of others who are involved in organizing the event, because he happens to be a Hindu.The doctor on target is Hindu by religion and his name is Dr. Pehlaj Mal.

Papu Baluch has termed the inaugural dinner of the National Conference of Doctors a dance party and a mujra by PMA.

He is inciting people and is advocating a mob violence at the dinner event scheduled for today.

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The problem is that his supporters have started calling this public park a Mosque now despite the fact that all public programs are scheduled here.

Papu Baluch has also involved religious parties and is specifically targeting Dr. Pehlaj Mal for his Hindu Religion and a clash has been planned for today’s event.

There are apprehensions that the police may find it hard to manage peace at the event and Hindu doctor’s life is in danger because of his religion Hinduism.

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Hindu community believes that he may be accused of blasphemy anytime during or after the event. There are threatening messages like these put against the Hindu doctor on social media:

Hindu doctor as part of the Shiv Sena and accuses him of disrupting communal harmony.

Hindu doctor may be called a ‘Dushman’ or enemy of Pakistan and says that the Hindu doctor is trying to teach Islam to the Pakistani Muslims while Muslims get bumped off for merely saying the word ‘Islam’ in India. He ends with Pakistani Zindabad.

Nadir Kolachi Tmk says that the program will be held on their dead bodies and says that they won’t allow mujra (prostitute) parties. Interestingly, while a doctor’s event gets such abuses. The Sindh festival organized by local government faced no hurdles like this where actually dance and music parties took place! But then it is Pakistan where polio drop administering workers get killed for doing ‘America’ bidding.’

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