Missing woman’s case baffles Pakistani minorities

Bhawna, Pakistani, Hindus, Pakistan

Sindh, June 29, 2016: A missing Hindu woman’s case has perplexed the Pakistani Hindu community.

Bhawna who was married to Prakash has suddenly vanished in the afternoon of May 26, 2016, and till date, there is no information about her.

Bhawna, the Pakistani Hindu woman, was married  12 years ago and she has 2 children with Prakash with whom she shared a good and harmonious relationship as far as the family is concerned.

Her family fears that someone has kidnapped Bhawna but then who and why are the questions they are asking at present.

A First Information Register (FIR) in the Jackson Police Station (Keamari) has been filed while a complaint application to Keamari panchayat committee has been filed on May 31, 2016. So far police the has failed to find any leads on the case leaving the Pakistani Hindu community angry.

Meanwhile, two girls namely Sangeeta from Kandhkot and Rachna from Hyderabad who were abducted have been confirmed as having been converted to Islam.