Arrest of Pakistani Hindu spy could harm Pak Hindus

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A Pakistani Hindu spy seemed like an oxymoron considering the persecution that these people face in their nation. But we no have headlines discussing Pakistani Hindu spy and its designs on India today!

Pakistani Hindu spy Nandlal Maharaj (26) was arrested by the Indian police in connection with carrying 35 kgs of RDX from India-Pakistan border into Pak Hindu friendly Rajasthan.

Nandlal, the Pakistani Hindu spy, belongs to Sanghar in Sindh, Pakistan and earns just 3000 in Pakistani currency every month. So, it is also possible that it was money that led him to do the dirty job of ISI. In any case, with the Pakistani Hindu spy news making headlines, we must ask some questions.

Why a Pakistani Hindu spy?

A Pakistani Hindu spy does two things, first, break the narrative that the Pakistani Hindus are persecuted people in their country and second, to turn the hospitable Indian population against them, thereby bottling them in Pakistan, trapping them in a situation where there is no way out for them. Also, a Pakistani Hindu spy is good, because Pakistani Hindus are considered second class citizens so having their lives destroyed in a ‘Hindu-majority’ India will be healthy propaganda for it and in any case, it does not matter to anyone in Pakistan that a Hindu’s life has gotten destroyed. In comparison to their Muslim counterparts, the Pakistani Hindus are considered to be inferior people who worship cows and are simply overstaying in the nation. All this is despite the fact, that these people do not indulge in arsons, radicalizations, abusing or terrorising other communities or waging war against their state, which unfortunately cannot even be said for the ‘nationalist’ Pakistani majority whose hallmark are exactly these things from Pakistan to Britain (do not forget sexual grooming cases of White teens by ‘minority’ Pakistani Muslims).

Here it is important to state that Pakistan does not allow Pakistani Hindus equal rights; Hindus cannot become head of states in Pakistan, there is no Hindu Marriage Bill for the community, Hindu children in this nation are routinely abducted, raped and forced to change their religion with the blessings of the ISI, Army, politicians, and the Civil society nexus.

In fact, such is the policy of Pakistan that when a Pakistani Hindu, despite all hurdles placed by a radicalized society, joined the Pakistani Army, the Pakistani Army denied the honorary terminology of ‘martyr’ before his name which a Pakistani Muslim gets easily.

Ashok Kumar, Pakistani Hindu spy caught in India, Pakistani Hindu Pakistani Army, Pakistani Hindu girls boys forced conversion, Pakistani Hindu migration to India, Pakistani Hindu spy
Ashok Kumar

The deceased Pakistani Hindu soldier was Ashok Kumar and he was killed while fighting Pakistani radicals in the restive Waziristan in 2013 and got Tamgha-i-Shujaat on March 23, 2015.

Pakistani Hindu spy does not mean  that Pak Hindus get equal rights in Pakistan!

Note here, prior to the year 2000, Pakistani Hindus were not even allowed to join the Pakistani Army! Ironically, it was the hawkish India-hater General Pervez Musharraf who decided to change this situation which had the tacit approval of ‘secular’ Muslim leaders of Pakistan.

This was not the case with the Christian community who had many Christian officers at senior posts for long.

In such dire situation, many Pakistani Hindus had to leave their native lands, where their families had lived for centuries even before the concept of a state called Pakistan was thought of, and migrate to India where a new world and new challenges awaited them.

Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh have been particularly hospitable to these people because the Indians on the other side see them as victims and not perpetrators of violence. Indian government just yesterday introduced new additions to its persecuted migrant-friendly policies. But this arrest will ring alarm bells in the country and that is bad news for these persecuted people.

We can only hope that ISI stops using these persecuted people as pawns but then knowing its nature, it is indeed too much to ask from it.

Another thing is that we must wait for the Indian government to release more details so that we can know for sure that the alleged Pakistani Hindu spy is even a Hindu in the first place.

Many get converted but retain their Hindu names like happened in this case: Quran desecrator is a Muslim says Sindhi newspaper.

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