Ashes of Pak Hindus immersed in Holy Ganga

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Pak Hindus who had come to India to immerse ashes of their departed dear ones did so yesterday at the Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar.

They had arrived in India almost 15 days back but as the Sharaddh paksa period was on, therefore the ashes were immersed om 25th September 2016.

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Mahant of the Shri Panch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir, Karachi, Ramnath Mishra, and his 14-year old Nephew Kabir Kumar had come to India to immerse the ashes of 160 Hindus in the Holy Ganga.

In 2011 as well, the Mahant had bought the 135 urns filled with the ashes of the Hindus to India.

Immersion of the last remains of the human body in the Holy River Ganga is essential for Hindus as they believe that the body is made of the five elements and must return to it.

However, many Pak Hindus complaint that they do not get Visa to India easily. The Indian government has been requested by many groups to look into the matter as many urns of ashes still remain to be immersed.

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Mahant brings ashes of Pak Hindus of in India

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