Bangladesh should go back to secular Constitution

Bangladesh Minority Watch, Bangladesh, secular Constitution, 1972

Dhaka, April 7, 2016: More and more people are trying to take Bangladesh on to the secular route as the country struggles with rising Islamic radicalism.

JAGO Hindu Parishad-Chittagong District organized a reception ceremony of the new committee at the Hathazari Upazila of Chittagong District on the 1st of April, 2016.

The forum also invited the advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch, Dr. B.B.Chowdhury of Secular Forum, Mahabul Hoque, BCHRD, Shri Biplab Karmakar- Member of BDMW.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Shri Uzzal Kumar Dewanjee.

Shri Debashish Palit, Mayor of Raozan Upazila, was the Chief Guest in the event, but he instead sent a mobile phone message for the gathering.

Rabindra Ghosh was the chief speaker of the event.

A presentation was also given to Rabindra Ghosh for his excellent services for ensuring rights of minority Hindus of Bangladesh.

Dr. B.B. Chowdhury delivered his speech describing the present atrocities on the minorities of Bangladesh requesting the government to stop such acts.

Mr.Mahabul Hoque Executive Director of BCHRD delivered his speech for religious tolerance and co-existence in the country. Shri Biplab Karmakar gave his speech by giving examples from existing laws to elaborate on how to create awareness amongst the people to tackle any unwanted situation.

Bangladesh Minority Watch, Bangladesh, secular Constitution, 1972

But it was advocate Rabindra Ghosh’s speech that matters the most; Speaking the last he stressed that it was important for the South Asian nation to back to the secular Constitution of Bangladesh-1972.

He also expressed dissatisfaction on the recent judgement of the High Court Division relating to “Islam as State Religion” and also on the perfunctory investigation by the police department on the issue of minority repression and torture towards minorities stating that the perpetrators of crime against humanity should be stopped to avoid ethnic cleansing.

Bangladesh Minority Watch is a human rights watchdog based in Bangladesh.