Hindu candidate faces threats, told to go to India

8 Hindu candidate, Bangladesh, Biswanath Nandi, Awami League, India

Dhaka, April 7, 2016: Bangladesh Minority watch (BDMW) has taken up the case of a Hindu candidate who has claimed that he was discriminated against due to his religion in Bangladesh.

Biswanath Nandi (Sagar) is a Hindu candidate who was contesting for local U.P Chairman at 3-Shymnagar from the Satkhira District as an independent candidate with “Horse” as his symbol. The election was held on 22 March, 2016.

The Hindu candidate says that the local Member of Parliament from Awami League S.M. Jaglul Hyder nominated his own brother Advocate S.M Zahurul Hyder from the Awami League as the Chairman candidate cancelling the name of Biswanath Nandi.

Nandi also stated in his application that due to his religion the local MP did not nominate his name from Awami League although he was the Convener of the Awami Juba League within Shymnagar Sadar Union.

The Hindu candidate also protested against the religious discrimination of the local MP which resulted in his dismissal from convener post of Awami Juba League.

Feeling threatened Nandi did not lodge any formal complaint against the powerful MP.

8    Hindu candidate, Bangladesh, Biswanath Nandi, Awami League, India

The Hindu candidate’s business establishment was closed and locked down by the MP so as to harass him further.

Before the UP election held at 3-Shymnagarm the local MP, along with his associates armed with deadly weapons, had threatened Nandi and told him to not contest against the Awami League candidate – Jaglul Hyder.

But Nandi did not heed and contested as the rival candidate; but on the date of election he was threatened severely and asked to leave Bangladesh towards India.

Due to these threats the Hindu candidate finally left his house and took shelter at BDMW’s office at Dhaka for protection of life.

When the Bangladesh Minority Watch communicated with S.M. Jaglul Hyderhe became angry instead alleged that Nandi was trying to contest UP Election against Awami League candidate after taking bribe from the BNP and Jamat-e-Islam.

But S.M.Jaglul Hyder could not tell as to how and from whom did Biswanath Nandi took bribe from?

The Deputy Commissioner, Satkhira, has denied information of any threats to the Hindu candidate from the local MP but he admitted that Nandi’s business establishment was shut down by local perpetrators.