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Bangladesh Hindu today proudly says that ‘I am a Hindu’ and is unafraid

Mr. Ripon Dey is a young activist serving as the International Affairs Secretary of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote (National Hindu Grand Alliance) and is the former founder president of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Yuvo Mohjaote (Youth Front of Hindu Mohajote). Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Moajote is a nonpolitical organization which is working for almost a decade for […]

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Bangladesh: Hindu Temple desecrated, society must wake up

Munshigonj, July 25, 2016: Minorities in Bangladesh are having a tough time these days. While homegrown terrorists are increasing in numbers and their methods of eliminating their targets are becoming crueler and precise, the society at large is silent. Bangladesh has had several warnings in the past that could have helped the nation’s political structure […]

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Hindu Priests live under persecution, fear of death

Dhaka, July 19, 2016: It is not easy to be a Hindu Priest/Purohit in a radicalized nation such as Bangladesh. Due to their visibility in performing religious duties, Hindu Priests are becoming a target of hate and terrorism. Earlier, many Hindu Priests have been found killed by sharp objects, the radical elements seem to think […]

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Awami League activist detained and released

Dhaka, May 7, 2016: An Awami League activist named Zahangir Alam has been detained for throwing a bomb in the Christian dominated area at Bagadanga which falls in Damoorhuda Police Station  of Chuadanga District. But police set Zahangir Alam free. Due to the blast three victims namely 1) Mr.Alam Mondal (45), 2) Mr.Thomas Mondal (40) […]