This man is a victim of blasphemy but was called a ‘Hindu terrorist’

Hindu fisherman, also dubbed a ‘Hindu terrorist‘ by many netizens of Bangladesh, Rasraj Das was granted bail on 16 January 2017.

His release from jail is a huge win for the Bangladesh Hindu community for whom each day is turning out to be a new challenge.

Rasraj’s account was used to post anti-Islamic picture and this was exploited by the extremists to launch ferocious attacks on the Hindu community in the nation.

This was when the police after an inquiry stated that he was not responsible for posting the image.

But even though he is out, yet out of fear of the extremists, the charge of “hurting religious sentiment” has not been dropped and even his next court date has not been set.

Rasraj had to spend more than two months in jail for allegedly posting an “offensive” image on Facebook and his family was also given death threats after which they moved out and returned only after police clarified that the Hindu man, by then dubbed a Hindu terrorist online, was actually a victim too.

In Bangladesh, Hindus are a subject of extreme persecution as they openly practice their religion which is not considered compatible with the Islamic character of the country as per the radicals.

Many Hindus have become the target of violence recently after they were framed for ‘hurting sentiments of Muslims’ reminding one of Rimsha Masih‘s case.

Rasraj Das is out and yet the fact that those who persecuted him and dubbed him a Hindu terrorist are still at large shows that he is unlikely to win the sympathy of the society.

Rasraj Das was called a Hindu terrorist but what would anyone call Dewan Atiqur Rahman Ankhi?

While Rasraj Das was termed a Hindu terrorist despite it becoming clear after a mere few days that he was set up by radical elements, Dewan Atiqur Rahman Ankhi, the Awami League leader and the chairman of Haripur Union Parishad, has not been termed by any as a Muslim terrorist.

After Rasraj Das’ post, instigating messages went viral and 16 Hindu Temples and 115 Hindu homes were looted and arson was committed by vandals.

Dewan Atiqur Rahman Ankhi whose involvement was published by even hired and paid for trucks that carried the Muslim men to Hindu properties so as to launch massive attacks simultaneously to take revenge from the Hindus for the blasphemy.

From Bangladesh:

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