Bangladesh: Hindu families evicted, women and children assaulted

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12 Hindu families belonging to the fishermen community were forcefully evicted and their houses were demolished in Bangladesh. The incident occurred on May 3rd, 2017 in Palanpara which falls in the Dhaperhat Union of Sadullahpur Upazila, Gaibandha District, Bangladesh.

Even the Hindu worship place used by the families was destroyed and their belongings were set on fire. In this eviction, 8 women and children were grievously assaulted.

The perpetrators came under the leadership of Emdadul Hoque – Local Leader of “Sechashebok League” and forcefully evicted the Hindu families rendering them in distress, said the minority watchdog Bangladesh Minority Watch.

To protest against this treatment these families held a Human Chain protest in front of Press Club of Gaibandha requesting for aid in getting back their homes. The Bangladesh newspaper Daily Ittefaq dated 4th May 2017 carried this news as well.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) said that it hurriedly communicated with Maruf Khaled- SP of Gaibandha, Md. Abdus Samad- D.C. Gaibandha and Md. Imrul Quies who is the Officer in Charge of Sadullahpur Police Station for ascertaining the truthfulness of the news published in the media.

But the organization noted that all that the administrative officers could offer was that “This eviction was made by judgment and was done by the order of the Court.”

However, the minority watchdog said, that nobody has uttered any word on the reason behind the involvement of Emdadul Hoque who is a political leader of Sechashebok League.

Did the court ask his services in the matter and trusted this man over the police and officials?

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Victims, on the other hand, are saying that no notice was served to them nor any information of such a judgment was delivered even to the local chairman! And how, when and why did the children got hurt? This too is a subject of inquiry.

BDMW said that when it communicated with Md.Rafiqul Islam Nowsha Mondal- local Chairman on this ‘lack of knowledge’ of the court order, he too said that no such notice was served to him by the official of the court to take possession of the lands of the Hindu fishermen community.

It further said that the eviction order of the court was not even printed in the newspaper/media. While this is again a subject of investigation, for now, the Hindu families have failed to get themselves heard and will live under the sun, wind and the sky.

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