Bangladesh: Hindu Temples attacked, statues broken

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Perpetrators broke into two Hindu Temples and broke down deities at the Bagerhat District of Bangladesh on Saturday on 6th August 2016.

These two attacks happened within 5 hours difference and in the same district.

The first attack took place at the Shitla Temple and deities were destroyed after unknown vandals broke into the Hindu Temple vicinity.
The perpetrators also pelted stones on the Temple but none of them could be identified.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) contacted with S.P. Bagerhat and O.C. Fakirhat police station who gave said that nobody lodged any complaint against them and necessary action would be taken.

The next incident of three deities destruction took place at the Mosni Sharbajanin Hindu Temple at Kachuya Upazila on the same night at about 12 p.m., a Bangladesh daily, also reported the incident.

But the police so far has been unable to find out the culprits while the Hindu community is agitated at the frequent desecrations of the Hindu Temples.

What is worrisome is that the attacks were undertaken after the joining of new Superintendent of Police- Mr. Pankaj Roy at Bagerhat.

Why attack Hindu Temples?

The local Hindu community is still wondering if the attacks on the Hindu Temples was undertaken ‘especially’ to welcome the new SP who is a Hindu. But attacks on the minority religious institutions and communities have seen an upward trend in recent times.

Many Hindu priests have been executed in Bangladesh and have been forced to hide their religious duties as the attackers believe that these religious acts are against Islam.

The desecration of Hindu Temples has increased as the radical Islamist groups have started gaining currency in the South Asian nation. Most of these groups are homegrown.

Due to continuous attacks on Hindu Temples and the community and its properties, many Hindus have started fleeing the country and taking refuge in the neighboring India.