Delhi: Dentist beaten to death by mob

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New Delhi, March 25, 2016: A dentist celebrating India’s victory over Bangladesh was beaten to death after he had an altercation with one of the accused.

The case happened on Thursday, after a group of men barged into the house of a 40-year-old dentist Pankaj Narang which is in West Delhi’s Vikaspuri.

As per preliminary reports, the family kept requesting the accused to stop and have mercy but the attackers did not pay heed to them and dragged Pankaj and mercilessly beat him on his head with rods, hockey sticks and bats. 5 people have been arrested so far which echoes Akhlaq’s case of Uttar Pradesh.

So far 5 people have been arrested by the Delhi Police so far in a case which echoes that of Akhlaq’s of Uttar Pradesh who too was dragged out of his house and beaten to death.

The attack happened after the doctor chastised one of the accused after his motorcycle went past his son who was celebrating India’s victory over Bangladesh with him.

It is being said that the doctor was playing cricket with his son and the nephew when the ball bounced out of the house when the accused Naseer, aged 23, brazenly went past his son to which the doctor raised objection upon.

Naseer drove away only to return within minutes with 10 people who drew the doctor out of his house and started beating him with sharp objects.

Those who tried to intervene were also thrashed by Naseer and his men, of which some are juveniles. Pankaj died before reaching the hospital. As per the Delhi police, the accused are local slum dwellers who do odd jobs and live behind dentist’s West Delhi home. The case brings to light the

The case brings to light the lack of social harmony and also needless aggressive behavior of the people who take law in their hands brazenly without fearing the law.