How to really earn from Freelancing?

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Freelancing or work from home is an excellent way to earn a living in India.

A person spends on an average 10-hours in a job and almost 2-3 hours in commuting from home to workplace but still it is to be said that freelance or work from home option is not much popular as many are not exactly aware of the avenues that allow them to realize their dream.

It is also an issue that many people remain apprehensive of the payments; when, how and the medium through which they will receive their remuneration. It is therefore advisable that for anyone who is starting into the world of freelance must get a valid PAN card, Aadhar card, a bank account, and Passport as reputable freelance websites need this in the process of registering a person and in authenticating his or her identity.

A few more formalities and you are good to go! But once you are registered make sure to not take the work lightly and instead devote at least 2-3 hours every day before you land your first Freelancing job.

Take as many free or paid tests that highlight your skills and strengths.

Build up your Freelancing profile with your experience and skills

Be as professional on a freelance gig as one is on a regular job.

It is also advisable to begin a blog or a website listing your services and do not miss out on ‘translation’ at any cost in this. In India, it is common for people to speak one or two languages besides English. A freelance is the place to show how good you are so make sure that you know how to type a clean copy with NO mistakes.

Going for data-entry jobs in the beginning is not bad, but the remuneration will be low. This must be clear to a Freelancer at all times. However, in the beginning this may not seem really bad for those who are unable to land a job quickly in the initial days.

There are also companies and employers who need voice talent in local languages, Freelancing gig seekers should also be ready with voice samples to land these jobs.

Try and develop a relationship with the employer and get a good rating. Getting a good rating or a positive feedback is essential.

Always ensure that you take a much needed break after completing a task; freelance world is filled with opportunities and money but it is always important to take a break and unwind. A break will rejuvenate a freelancer’s spirit and will help him perform even better on his next job.

In case, you do not land any job for a considerable time, then there is always the option of going back to the routine jobs but do not stop trying and try and get an opportunity for Freelancing. Something which does not click for the first time in Freelancing, may click later.

There are also some frauds that go around in the world of Freelancing, therefore, always read terms and conditions on different portals before signing up.

It is essential to remain positive in the world of Freelancing.

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