Assam regiment and the legend of ‘Badluram Ka Badan’

Muraleedharan ,visit, Tanzania , Kenya

New Delhi, April 27, 2016: Assam regiment is the Infantry regiment of the Indian Army and is also county’s pride and there are so many lores and legends associated with it that many citizens are at times unaware of! But nevertheless, the curious Indians who adore their jawans never cease to pass on the chance to learn more about them!

Like did you know the story of “Badluram” of the Assam Regiment?

Badluram was an Indian soldier who was martyred in the World War II but even after he was long gone, he helped the Assam regiment when the going got too tough. How?

Even post the demise of Badluram, his clever Quarter Master continued to get rations on his name. But wait here! This actually proved to be a great thing as the the ration that was collected in the name of Badluram, over several months, proved to be helpful to the Assam regiment when it was surrounded by the Japanese soldiers and cut off from the supplies for a very long period.

Needless to say, that the Assam regiment survived the gruelling time and in fact thanked Badluram’s ration that averted a terrible fate that could have befallen on the soldiers had the supplies not been around.

The Assam regiment also has a song in the honour of Badluram and it goes like this:

“Badluram ka badan Zamin ke neeche hai….aur humko uska ration milta hai…” (Badluram’s body is buried but we draw his ration).

What is really inspiring is that in Indian Army nothing is ‘fictitious’; to become a legend, you have to live like one and prove your mettle.

This song is played out at the passing out ceremony of the young recruits at Shillong and is extremely inspiring and enjoyable.

Do not forget to watch this song here.