Watch: Kabir Khan hilariously chased by angry Pakistani protestors

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New Delhi, April 27, 2016: Kabir Khan, the director of Bollywood hits such as Bajrangi Bhaijaan, probably never thought that he would get such reception in a country like Pakistan for which he has shown remarkable love for.

As soon as he landed at the Karachi Airport, he was booed and heckled by angry protesters who were unhappy with the director for making movie ‘Phantom’ which showed terrorism and its connections with Pakistan.

Kabir Khan was to leave for Lahore after attending a marketing seminar in Karachi, when he was suddenly surrounded by many protesters who also shouted anti-India slogans and asked him why he never made any movies on the the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and its alleged activities in Pakistan.

One protester shouted that “You people (Indians) send Jhadav and kill hundreds here, why don’t you make a movie about it?” but the most hilarious part is the one where mobile camera wielding Pakistani protesters accost Kabir Khan with a shoe in their hands shouting about the “Indian conspiracies against the Pakistan army”.



It has yet not been confirmed whether these protesters were part of any group or just common angry Pakistanis but Kabir Khan has remained unfazed! Here is what the director tweeted:

To media on both sides: 12 screaming lunatics with a mobile phone camera is not news. Please don’t give them the attention they want. Ignore

Considering that there are so many Pakistani artists coming to India to earn their bread, and that Bollywood sees this market as an untapped one, it makes sense for what Kabir Khan is saying. But the question is that would the same protesters would have dared to pull off the stunt had it been Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan? Directors are not as popular as the actors, may be that is why this incident won’t create any sensations in the country.
Earlier too Kabir Khan had gotten into a verbal spat with a senior Indian journalist over Pakistan during the launch of Phantom trailer.
The journalist took an exception to Kabir Khan when he said: “People to people friendship can’t happen as long as these extremist elements exist in either country. And these elements have to be eliminated for both the countries to get along peacefully”.
Later, the journalist asked Kabir Khan to come clean and identify the extremists in India but with this one question Khan went on to the defensive probably realizing that this argument would dent the chances of his movies. Watch the argument here.
Phantom had created uproar in Pakistan as it was based on 26/11 terrorists attacks in Mumbai and explored the Pakistani role.

But while the Pakistani society continues to see Phantom as a ploy to discredit Pakistan, they fail to see that the movie was banned by the Lahore High Court after terrorist Hafiz Saeed petitioned against it!

Phantom was based on the novel ‘Mumbai Avengers’ by S. Hussain Zaidi and post its ban, the main lead Saif Ali Khan had lambasted Pakistan stating that he had lost his faith in the country.

But Kabir Khan had later tried to make amends when he had said that Phantom was wrongly perceived in the country due to bad marketing and that it wasn’t against any nation.