Ever seen a green pigeon? (Video)

Any bird watcher would vouch that spotting a green pigeon is one heavenly delight. Especially when seen in the natural environment. But now, as the urbanization increases, forest cover decreases and we all know what that means.

But some of us do get fortunate enough to spot one or two green pigeons every now and then. I was really fortunate to spot this fellow in Delhi’s urban jungle in February. Winters of Delhi seem to agree with the green pigeons:

Since the winters are going away, chances of spotting a green pigeon again will be next to impossible.

Green pigeon is found in Maharashtra mostly and is, in fact, its state bird! Known as the Hariyal,  this bird likes to put its beak in fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Hunting of green pigeon to satiate taste birds of the affluent class is also a major factor in the decline in their population.

For now, these birds are not too rare but Delhi’s sorrow over the vanishing sparrows and almost extinct peacocks and other birds should alarm everyone.

But yes, seeing these majestic birds does give us some hope. Perhaps we can still do something for our peacocks and sparrows too.

Black swans feeding fishes or fishes grabbing food from the swans?

Come again, feathery friends.

Namta Gupta