Holi in Pakistan: Minor Hindu girls ‘forced to’ convert to Islam, Hindus block roads in protest

Minor Hindu girls, Islam, conversion, Holi 2019, celebrations, Sindh

Two minor Hindu girls, Reena aged 14, and Raveena aged 16, have been forced to convert to Islam after the abduction, say their parents and Hindu community. The girls were allegedly kidnapped from Hafiz Salman near Deharki to convert to Islam on the eve of Holi.

The relatives also held a protest on the National Highway for the recovery of the Hindu girls even as the abductors released a video of the two girls. In the video, the minor Hindu girls say that they converted of their own volition.

FIR of the case

Protestors say that police are not acting against forced conversion that is going against the Hindus in Pakistan.

Due to religious persecution, Pakistani Hindus have been forced to migrate to India.

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