Horse Shaktimaan played Holi too!

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New Delhi, March 28, 2016: Horse Shaktimaan whose health became a point of debate in the country had a moment with the news cameras again when he played ‘Holi’ with the police officers in Dehradun.

But this is very surprising as one of the horse’s hind leg was amputated after he had a fall during a political rally where he was on his duty. It is surprising that no animal organization has spoken up as yet on this because smearing colors on the horse which recently had a major health scare should have raised their eyebrows.

It is true that animals such as cows, bulls, dogs, cats and horses etc are much loved in India and it is also true that many see sharing festivals with other living beings as part and parcel of their lives but still this is a little too much considering the delicate condition that Shaktimaan is in. To read the full case, click here. The police horses become part and parcel of the lives of the officers since they spend most of the time with them, however, it would have been good on their part to take a vet’s advice or simply keep Shaktimaan away for a while.

In the video, one can see Shaktimaan being given things to eat, had a little color smeared on by people while many are petting him and also taking pictures with him.

 Check the video below:

The horse now is a celebrity of sorts and has become the ambassador of animal rights and he is too valuable than many realize at present. His upkeep and his health are everyone’s problem as he had to sacrifice his leg for the sickening political one-upmanship between BJP and Congress in the state of Uttarakhand.

If the wishes were horses, then we would have wished that this horse be the last of the animal casualty due to humans but we know better.