Santa hats irk Indonesian Islamic groups

The Islamic Defenders Group (FPI), known for its conservative approach towards Islamic wear, has now picked up a beef over employees of stores in Jakarta wearing Santa hats as Christmas comes knocking.

In many stores in Jakarta, employees wear Santa hats to spread Christmas cheer, a practice which is now global. But Islamic groups obviously have no love for either Santa or Santa hats!

In a message to CNN Indonesia, FPI leader Muhsin Alatas said that if the group comes to know that we do not want Muslims to be ‘forced’ to do such things.

He also said that they would act if these complaints are not heard by the police.

Muhsin threatened that the FPI would carry out raids along with other Islamic groups and will make them give in writing that the companies will not force the Muslims to undertake non-Muslim characteristics.

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Last year the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims from even wearing special Christmas attires or accessories and warned the businesses against making Muslims wear any of those things.

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FPI was in news this year after it also attacked Balinese Hindus which created headlines across the nation.

Indonesia is home to world’s largest Muslim population but is considered a moderate country.

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