Jammu parties say Rohingyas and Bangladeshis unwelcome

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Rohingyas and Bangladeshi settlers have rung alarm bells in Jammu with the Dogra Front and the Shiv Sena even holding a protest against their settlement on Friday, February 10, 2016.

While the West Pakistan Refugees, comprising mainly lower caste Hindus and Sikhs have not found a place to call their own more than 6 decades in the state, the Rohingyas, and the Bangladeshi Muslims are coming in large numbers which are giving sleepless nights to locals.

The yesterday protest also saw many protestors worrying about the safety and the security of inhabitants of Jammu as these settlers are considered criminals and prone to terrorist activities. Recently the state government told the legislative assembly that there were 5,743 Rohingyas present in the state. It also said that they, the Rohingyas are staying are staying at various places in the districts of Jammu and Samba.

As per a report by TribuneIndia, president of the Dogra Front Ashok Gupta said that the “infiltration of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis poses a grave security threat.”

Gupta also said that this was being done deliberately to change the demography of Jammu and reduce the Dogras to a minority.

Women also took part in the demonstration and said that the entry of Rohingyas and the Bangladeshis must be stopped immediately.

Wake Up Hindus, say Shiv Sena on Rohingyas and Bangladeshi settlers

Shiv Sena on Thursday had requested the Hindus to wake up on the issue of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi in Jammu and demanded that these be evicted from Jammu. The party requested the people of Jammu and Hindus in other parts of India to wake up and unite for the Dogra rights in Jammu.

The issue of the settlement of Rohingya and Bangladeshi settlers is a sensitive one in India with many fearing that they have extremist tendencies. Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) chairman Harsh Dev Singh has been quoted by the Tribune India as saying that these Rohingyas and Bangladeshis have destroyed the beauty of Jammu city.

He also wondered what use is the Article 370 if it does not stop these elements to enter Jammu. He said:

“Article 370 that grants special status to the state does not allow the government to settle immigrants here. How have they settled criminals here? They should immediately leave Jammu. Otherwise, we will force them to leave,”

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Picture credit: Tribune photo