Jawed Habib: My only religion is my scissor (video)

Famous hair expert Jawed Habib has apologized for an advertisement that went viral. The advertisement showed that Jawed Habib’s hair salon is the choice of place for Hindu Gods and Goddesses who come to get themselves ready.

Taking to Twitter the hair dresser wrote:

We understand our ad didn’t go well wid readers, we hereby clarify tht we duly respect, value and do not wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

He reiterated this again in another tweet:

We regret this incidence & express our heartfelt apology. We fully respect all faiths & beliefs…we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But people also were angry that portrayals, such as this of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are going on, while other religions are not touched even for the sake creativity.

Addressing this point, Jawed later released a video statement where he openly said that his religion is his scissor, his craft, and again apologized stating that this was done by a franchise. You can also read the statement below:

Jawed Habib, advertisement apology, Hinduism, Hair dresser

Here is the video of Jawed Habib apologizing:

Jawed Habib is hoping that people will be able to accept his heartfelt apology.

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