Malay Muslim shows love for a dog, wins hearts!

Malay Muslim, Dog, Singapore, Islam, dogs, Muslims

A Malay Muslim man has won the internet with his pat on the head of a cute dog. A post on the Golden Retriever Club Singapore Facebook page during the Eid festival shows a man encouraging his children to pet a golden retriever.

He is seen teaching them not to be afraid of touching dogs and even tells them that they may need to do “ritual washing” if they happen to touch the dog’s saliva.

Many Malay Muslims in Singapore and Malaysia stay away from dogs due to religious reasons.

Rin Han who shared this picture captioned the photo:

“Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslims out there! This picture paints a thousand words.

Kerala politicians kill dogs, parade their dead bodies on streets

The father told his children “Come, pat the dog. They are also God’s creation. Just be careful around it’s mouth and if the saliva touches you, we can always do a thorough ritual wash.”

Major respect for this family and thank you for teaching your kids well!”

Interestingly while the dad was all dad of the toddlers was all smiles while touching the Portugal Football team jersey wearing dog, his companion, a Muslim woman who stood behind did not seem too happy.

Take a look at the heart-warming picture:


Malay Muslim, Dog, Singapore, Islam, dogs, Muslims
Pic credit: Rin Han

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