Kerala politicians kill dogs, parade their dead bodies on streets

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In the shocking display of cruelty, a political group in Kerala killed the dogs and paraded their bodies on sticks for tapping the public anger against the dogs.

Congress Youth Front (Mani) paraded the dead bodies of dogs in Kottayam to rebut BJP leader Maneka Gandhi who has been against dog killings.
They also threw the dead bodies in a post office demanding that these be sent to Maneka Gandhi for speaking against the dog killings in Kerala.

Dead bodies on poles. This is the life of a dog in Kerala.

The News Minute has reported that the president of the youth front, Saji Manjakadambil that its members targeted only the ‘dangerous dogs.’

How they were able to identify these dogs as ‘dangerous’ is not clear.

Kottayam West police has registered a case against these politicians for cruelty towards animals.

Killing dogs is an acceptable political practice in Kerala

Dogs were killed and were hung from an electric pole in Kannur last year to mark the death anniversary of an RSS leader Manoj, 42.

Manoj was a famous RSS worker who was murdered after a bomb was hurled at his van. He lost control and hit and electric post. This was the electric post which Manoj had hit.

Killed and hung, to settle human hate.

CPI (M) was accused by RSS for killing him while he himself was an accused in murder attempt on CPI (M) leader P Jayarajan which was done in 1999.

In short, at least in Kerala, a dog’s life is everything that it should not be!

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