Married Hindu girl remarried to elderly man in Pakistan

Wadia Bai Meghwar, Married, Hindu girl, forcible marriage, Pakistan

Mithi, June 17, 2016: The case of the married Hindu girl Wadia Bai Meghwar from Katayari village in Tharparkar is refusing to die down.

Hindu girl Wadia Bai Meghwar married one Suresh in a Karachi Court on May 4, 2016 but her dreams of a happy married life were cut shot by a local Jirga (traditional Islamic assembly with the duty of keeping society together and function in accordance with Islamic way of life).

The married Hindu girl was taken away by the Jirga stating that she must marry with local customs instead of marrying in a court of law. Having no other choice but to yield to the powerful Jirga, the married Hindu girl decided to go with the Jirga men leaving her husband Suresh behind.

But Suresh kept waiting for his wife, who he came to know later, has been given to a 56-year-old man Chetan Meghwar.

The people who took the married Hindu girl also belong to Thar’s Arbab family, therefore, due to fear no one wishes to speak on this forcible marriage openly.

Wadia Bai Meghwar, Married, Hindu girl, forcible marriage, Pakistan
A blurred picture of the victim and her ‘current’ husband

Some believe that she has been given in ‘marriage’ by her brother Gyanchand Meghwar but Hindu community does not have the necessary clout in the region. Also, there has been no reason for the local Jirga to interfere in the matters of the Hindu community which is fighting off the conversion zealots here.

Hindu girls and at times even the Hindu boys are a target of forced conversions and forced marriages in Pakistan. Due to lack of justice in these cases many Hindus are migrating out of the nation as the society at large has refused to heed to their pleas.

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