Bangladesh: Man who brutally attacked Hindu lecturer dead

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Madaripur, Bangladesh, June 18, 2016: 20-year old Golam Faizullah Fahim who stabbed and gruesomely injured Hindu lecturer Ripon Chakravorty (50), along with his two accomplices, on Tuesday 15th June, 2016 at Master Colony has died.

The Hindu lecturer taught Mathematics at the Madaripur Government Nazimuddin College and was earlier recovering in the Barisal Medical College Hospital and is now at Faridpur Medical College for better treatment..

20-year old extremist was shot dead in a gun battle with the police yesterday. He was apprehended by the locals who saw him attacking the Hindu lecturer and first thrashed him and then handed him to the police who took him in for questioning. He was taken to a vacant plot where the police party came under attack from unknown perpetrators.

The extremist got injured in this gun battle and died in the hospital.

Bangladesh Minority Watch had earlier said that as per the statements of Sarwar Hossain- Superintendent of Police, Madaripur, three unknown perpetrators pushed the bell of the house of the Hindu lecturer Ripon Chakravorty at about 5 p.m. Bangladesh newspaper also reported the assault.

When the Hindu lecturer opened the door the three perpetrators started slicing him with sharpened knives and the victim fell down in a pool of blood.

The local people hearing his cries ran to the scene and caught one of the perpetrator who was later identified as the 20-year old Fahim when he was trying to hide from the crowd.

Two of his associates fled away from the scene of crime.

As per Bangladesh Minority Watch, the Medical officer of the Madaripur Sadar Hospital said that the “Perpetrators stabbed him (lecturer) on his forehead, behind the head, and on his left hand causing severe injuries”

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) spoke to Sarwar Hossain- S.P. Madaripur District who informed that the condition of the lecturer was now stable.

It also communicated with Moniruzzaman Fakir- Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sadar Circle who informed that Fahim did not tell the names of the other two perpetrators.

With Fahim now dead, it seems that the police would have to try another way to bring the perpetrators to justice.