McDonald’s Malaysia in halal loop as minorities threaten boycott

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McDonald’s Malaysia has earned the ire of the nations’ minorities after it had said that that it is restricting those consumers who bring with them non-halal cakes. McDonald’s allows people to bring their own cakes if they want to celebrate birthdays but now non-halal cakes have been banned as the chain wants to comply with halal standards.

In short, the move was undertaken to fulfill the requirements of the Halal certification that the restaurant enjoys. McDonald’s move of banning or bringing the non-Halal items in its premises had earned the ire of the minorities who took to social media to lambast the move.

McDonald's Malaysia, halal, cake, boycott,  Malaysian Islamic Development Department, Jakim,
McDonald’s under fire over Halal only diktat.

A notice of the diktat from McDonald’s Malaysia’s Nu Sentral outlet stating that only birthday cakes which fall in line with the instructions of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) would be allowed drew immediate attention as many felt that this was discriminatory and infringed on their rights to eat non-Halal food. Many also wonder why they should eat halal cakes and how McDonald’s Malaysia would decide or detect whether the cake is halal or not!

McDonald’s under fire then told the consumers:

We sincerely apologise for all the misunderstanding our notice regarding Halal birthday cakes has caused. As a company that serves all Malaysians, we have never intended to discriminate against anyone. At McD, we have always practiced a “No outside food allowed” policy, but have made exceptions for birthday cakes as they are important for celebrating special occasions. However, in order to maintain our Halal status, we have to ensure that all products consumed in our restaurants are Halal certified as required by JAKIM. We sincerely thank all Malaysians who have given their thoughts and opinions. More importantly, we appreciate that you care enough to share your views with us, and we will continue to improve to make McDonald’s a place that is truly for all Malaysians.

Team McDonald’s Malaysia
The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) had appreciated McDonald’s Malaysia to allow only halal-certified cakes as it fulfills its needs.

Many consumers are still angry with McDonald’s and took to Facebook to share their outrage:

Sabah 818 said: Now you say sorry and still insist on banning “non-halal” cake. It’s like I slap your face, and then I say sorry, but after I say sorry, I slap your face again. do you still accept my apology?

Joey Chloe said: Let’s us boikot to have meal at McD start from now on…. Money in our pocket is non-halal, not suitable to use there.

Honey Miel had the best question: Just wondering where to get non halal cake ? Flour? Egg? Butter?

Leod Lai asked: You think Malaysians are all Muslims? Pls respect other religions.

While Divakar Sivasubramaniam said: If truly for all Malaysians stop selling beef.

But the best comment was by Lok Zaii who spelled out what truly becoming Halal would mean:

Dear @McDonalds Malaysia
Please ensure to take following cautions to maintain your Halal status issue by JAKIM
1. Air tight your facilities, restaurant, kitchen and more to prevent non Halal Air getting in
2. Accept only Visa, Master, AliPay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other payment methods besides of Cash term. It’s to ensure the money received is not contaminated
3. Hire only Muslim employees
4. Provide tudung for ladies who enter the premises
5. Please get Halal certified water for hand washing at your washing basins and washrooms
6. Restrict Internet Access at your premises to prevent any user use it to visit prohibited sites
7. Separate seating for Muslim and Non Muslim and Men and Ladies seatings will be good idea too
8. Stop playing Astro Sports Channels at your TV, cause those football players might take off their clothes

While many users shared that McDonald’s won’t remain their favorite anymore and that they would choose other outlets which won’t make their lives tough.