Angel numbers? What are they and why do they appear?

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By Namta Gupta

Angel Numbers or the divine numbers are numbers that emerge in a pattern of threes mostly (111, 222, etc) and others that enhance spiritual powers or sometimes guide a person through a certain stage in life or spirituality.

Although seen as sign and symbol of prosperity or of divine guidance yet angel numbers often also tell us about what place or stage we are in our lives and sometimes also tell us what we are going to miss or gain in the times to come. These Angel numbers or divine numbers are repeated to tell us what we need to do and often are sent by our Gods who believe that deep down, with meditation, we ourselves will be able to correct our course and attain or lose what the number is suggesting we must.

If at any time these divine numbers appear, we must be careful to note down at what time, at what place or at what thought did it appear and meditate on it, Yoga and chanting certainly helps in cleaning the blocks that keep our subconscious tied and away from reaching out to us. If it is still difficult then ask a spiritual guide around to break down the solution that the numbers are trying to impart after tallying with the person’s circumstances.

Angel numbers are a gift of signs and synchronicities sent by God and his worker gods with the aim of correcting our course. They appear to and are noticed by truly special who have a deep desire for spiritual awakening and spiritual growth.

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