Ice cream dream meaning: Find out who you are deep down

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Ice cream dream represents the churning of one’s soul to bring forth the core of the person or his essence. Most of the time, this dream comes when the seeker is questioning whether what they show to the world is truly what they are in reality.

Ice cream dream or vision then appears letting the person know what they truly are in the core.

Here is what each flavor means:

Vanilla: If you saw a vanilla ice cream dream then know that your temperament is mild and you do not enjoy being rude or losing your temper.

You enjoy and thrive while dealing with real-time and mortal world issues that come with an expiry date. In short, you can say that you are the great ‘solver’ of most 3d puzzles.

Strawberry: Seeing a strawberry ice cream dream means that you are ready to enjoy a flirtatious time or that you enjoy flirting with life and people in general. You are charismatic but a tad too bubbly which may not sit well with others. Your core is filled with romantic ideas and you either enjoy a lavish life or yearn to achieve it.

Chocolate: This ice cream dream means that you thrive on your own strength and do not like laid back attitude anywhere or in any part of your life. Your strength is in leadership roles and therefore you must trust yourself because you will do a fantastic job because that is when you will be most connected to the Universe.

Pineapple: Seeing a pineapple ice cream dream means that your core strength lies in you being hard on everything and everywhere without bending in front of any challenge or situation, that may involve either you or others. Supreme Soul says that those who see the pineapple ice cream dream will likely also have divya darshan (divine audience) of the Supreme Soul in their lives due to their strong attitude and dharmic compass.

Tutti frutti: Supreme Soul Ganesha says that seeing this ice cream dream means that a new current or a new synergy is coming into the life of the seeker. It also means that the seeker has begun developing a stronger tilt towards Dharma and is practicing kindness towards all of the creation and respects all sentient beings without discrimination.

White feather meaning: Hope, tranquility and much more!


Namta Gupta