Number 1000: Walk with the Kings, but don’t lose the common touch

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Those who see the number 1000 often find themselves standing at the end of something grand or great. They may have seen a very hard project, got involved, and successfully completed it, and may now be waiting for the accolades to land their way.

And the Supreme Soul says that while the accolades from the society and coworkers/partners will come, yet you with your efforts have also earned the favour of the supreme power. The Supreme Soul noted the energy, the honesty, and the passion put in by the dreamer and thus the number 1000 appears in dreams; your efforts have been noted by the highest spiritual power!

One in a million ever sees this number ever appear in the dreams, so that is indeed special.

Why do some people see numbers in dreams?

One in a million ever sees this number in the dreams. This number also advises the person that he/she must learn to accept that the accolades from society are just acknowledgment and it should not be allowed to go to their heads.

Number 1000 advises that the people must learn to ground themselves; walk with the Kings, but don’t lose the common touch. This is advised as this person has a lot of potential and to assure repeated success. Thus, you can say that the Number 1000 is sent to very capable individuals who have unleashed the energy of python within.

Excessive pride, anger, or looking down at others should be avoided to keep the pace of success healthy.

By Namta Gupta