Number 313: Only for higher level Soulmates and Twin Flames

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Number 313 means that the two individuals are now ready to communicate at a subliminal level and have approved of the match between each other.

Now, the next step is reaching out to each other in the 3D realm. It is likely that both the souls have had a past life connection and were a couple.

Number 313 brings about changes with regards to love-life alone.

This is a special number sent by the Supreme Soul to extremely rare individuals whose destiny is to learn to love again and also work for the revival of Dharmic consciousness of the sentient society.

This couple would likely be like Lord Ram-Mother Sita or Lord Krishna- Devi Rukmani type either higher level Soulmate or Twin Flame one. Their purpose of life will not likely just to exist for ‘merely’ each other.

Number 313 is a huge responsibility and thus the one seeing this number must learn to meditate and also learn to worship the Ardhanarishwar form (Divine Masculine+ Divine Feminine just like the picture above) form of the Supreme Soul to attract their partner.

Number 313 is also a sign of full cooperation of the Supreme Soul for these individuals and their Anahata (Heart) Chakra is likely very dominant along with the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra.

As mentioned earlier, number 313 is a number of the spiritual union at the soul level between two individuals who have to meet to fulfill their obligations or pay obeisance or pay up their debts or fulfill the promise of love towards each other as well as Dharma.

Their spiritual connection would be such that they would cease to think about anyone else and would find true happiness and solace only in each other’s company.

Such couples create history and bring forth truth, justice, and compassion with their words, actions, and even by merely existing; they are the living symbols of Dharma.

Thus if you saw this number then know, you are a blessed, old, and highly mature soul. Only 1 in many billions would see this number in a billion years, it is this powerful.

By Namta Gupta