Sex dreams meaning: Deeper spiritual messages could be hidden!

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Sex dreams or sexually intimate dreams are fairly common but most of us take them as just a purview of desires seated within and not in the terms of spiritual messages or anything deeper.

In ancient Hindu society, however, sexual intimacy was considered a way to bring two souls together and thus was considered a holy act.

It may seem too farfetched since today physical gratification is as easily available as fast food; we consume, we leave, and after a while, we forget all about it. In the ancient Hindu society, affinity and most importantly mutual respect was the first thing one considered before a couple explored intimacy further in the shared will of building stronger bonding.

It is this bonding that helped a couple shape their destiny both materially as well as spiritually.

A union that began with the thud of the heartbeat, united the two souls further with physical contact and ended in the full union of two souls.

This led to enlightenment and also ended up helping the society at large as such couples led their lives fearlessly and guilt-free while upholding Dharma.

Sex dreams are therefore often signs about what the body seeks further, far beyond the crude way of physical gratification it is being provided.

If one sees oral sex dreams, then it means that the dreamer is seeking either a more feminine or more masculine energy within. A man/woman doing so on to a woman in a dream means that he/she lacks good control over his/her creative and vulnerable side. Such a man/woman needs to savor moments of vulnerability in nature, indulge in deep self-care where he should shed tears, and allow deep-seated anger he/she hides under self-imposed ferocious and distressing masculinity that stifles his ‘creative’ side. Anulom-vilom and Surya Namaskar with Mantra chanting are essential for this person for the next three weeks.

Prayers to Goddess Mahakali and doing Bhujangasana are also good for a prolonged period in case of such sex dreams.

Such a person (man/woman) must heal his/her emotional side and take to the welfare of animals, and plants and take care of those who are helpless.

This dreamer also must learn to speak out his/her woes. Water therapy like putting roses and Tulsi in the water and immersing self or cleaning the aura is an absolute must for such dreamers if these dreams recur for a prolonged period of time.

Traveling to India and paying respect to Female deities will help these people in the longer run. Remember always that the Divine Feminine energy is in no way inferior to the Divine Masculine energy. They are equal and none can exist without the other. Hinduism unwaveringly believes in this.

While trying to understand such sex dreams, please make sure that external stimuli have played no part in these dreams, if it has, then do not pay heed to such dreams for some time and if these continue to recur, only then you may follow this advice.

Such types of sex dreams are mostly about balancing of self and it would help that the person allows his emotions to flow smoothly.

If in the sex dreams, the dreamer finds herself/himself doing so on a human male’s genitalia, then it highlights repressed dreams/ desires or talents that could have made him/her a python in an area of life he/she is most passionate at, but due to repression, this person has ended up becoming a helpless person.

Seeing a close-up of male genitalia only in the dream is the sign of extremely powerful changes both within the dreamer’s body, mind, and also in fortune. This dream should yield some powerful changes in fate with regards to love, money, pleasures of life and skin, and will bring prosperity due to a male or the heightened masculine energy within. If one sees an act of penetration in which the male body part is inside female genitalia, then it means that all that is needed in life are being birthed.  This dream is usually a sign with regards to manifestation in the matters of health, beauty, love, and devotion bearing/or soon bearing fruits.

Such a dreamer must worship Lord Ram and Lord Krishna or merely chant their names 101 times. Why 101? Find here.

Such dreamers are putting themselves in vulnerable situations due to toxic families or societies or cults they live in. When they could be eagles soaring up in the sky, they are being rendered as helpless as the chicks. These beings need the sacred masculine energies like that of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna (or any other male energy that they are drawn to) to help them defeat this suffocating situation.

If physical gratification dreams are seen by straight men or women in which they are performing acts on their own bodies, then it means that their own core-self needs to be stimulated by meditation to open them up to a newer experience. These acts performed on unknown opposite sex also mean that their desires for full stimulation cannot be suppressed anymore.

A virgin man or woman seeing such sex dreams minus external stimuli means that he/she needs to call upon his true love as their subconscious will not let this person in peace anymore with mundane activities.

Seeing an orgy in a dream with unknown people of opposite gender means, hidden negative emotions are coming out in the dreamer in the company of wanton souls in which this person would end up losing control. It is a warning and must be taken as such.

Seeing sexual violence or assault on self by both known and unknown faces means that the dreamer is fearful of all circumstances and may/will get overpowered. If this dream is seen, then it is best to tie a Rakhi to Lord Ram for spiritual protection. Also, if the dreamer has been constantly seeing Number 81 then do seek the help of your Dev-Devi Guides. Reciting Durga Chalisa or invoking Lord Kartikeya for guidance and protection is also good.

If one sees sexual violence happening on an unknown person or an orgy in which the dreamer is only a spectator, then it mostly means that the person has no role/standing/authority/moral aptitude/locus standi and is like a pebble on street. His/her life is passing away meaninglessly with the moral compass missing. In short, spiritually he/she is at sub-zero.

Seeing someone perform oral sex on someone in which both the parties are known or unknown to the dreamer means that either the person is aware that he is of no value or is still the process of assessing his/her own worth in the eyes of his/her dear ones or the society he cohabits.

Seeing oneself fondle or play with a female chest means that the person wants or desires a more delicate connection than what he/she currently has. A man being fondled in a similar fashion means a more formidable connection is desired by the dreamer that offers protection and strength. A man and a woman hugging and in a close embrace while being naked often mean that both the male and the female sides of the dreamer’s soul are balanced and that both are existing without troubles.

There are many other dreams as well but these are the most common ones I have come to know of. I advise medical counseling especially for those for whom sexual intimacy is as readily available as onion, alcohol, cigarette, or meat.

Sex dreams: How we should really understand them?

Please note that many consider such sex dreams shameful but the one seeing such dreams is likely a person who understands that nothing is ‘dirty’ in the 5D space and is keen on understanding energy transfers.

These people are just like the ancients in the Hindu society who were keen observers of this dimension and made daily rituals and practices as part of worship so as to strengthen the bond between the 5D and the 3D.

Many psychologists consider sex dreams to be a sign of subconsciously craving for intimacy however spiritual world sees it differently. Those well versed in spiritual matters would often consider these sex dreams as the potent signs of the male-female energy balance going haywire.

Those who see sex dreams are also people who we can presume to be ‘natural’ psychologists who try to understand the hidden motivation behind a certain dream, act, or desire.

These people have an acute sense of right and wrong and have a powerful Sahasrara Chakra (Crown) that makes them great intellectuals, observers, and thinkers.  Their sixth sense is extremely strong and many can truly read a person’s mind.

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At the end of the day a sex dream is like any other and we should be open enough to seek advice/medical counselling without feeling guilty.

By Namta Gupta