Pakistan: Where even dead bodies have religion

Here is one piece of news from Pakistan that will shame every human being.

A Daily Kawish shocking report, dated 19/03/2016, should work as an eye-opener for anyone who is interested in keeping the Indian sub-continent stable if they failed to notice that after Mumtaz Qadri’s hanging a huge sea of protestors came on to streets and eventually shut-down of Lahore happened.

The newspaper has reported an incident in which a Hindu woman’s body parts post her cremation in Khairpur Mirus were desecrated by fanatics.

As per the report, these extremists came and took hold of her body parts and threw them on the road.

Does it have anything to do with the 12000 Islamic Madrassas in Sindh preaching hate against non-Muslims? We never know.

This incident is not at all isolated, in fact, such desecrations keep happening once in a while and it has nothing to do with the cremation alone which by the way is taboo, and the lack of cremation grounds and pressure of majority means that the Pakistani Hindus have taken to bury their dead instead.

But do those who bury have it easy?

Bodies of deceased Hindus too, actually, meet the same fate; like in the year 2013, a Hindu man Bhoro Bheel who died in a road accident and was buried as per caste traditions in Sindh’s Pangrio had his body insulted.

Chanting Allahu Akbar the Islamic extremists were joined by locals and together they dug out the body of the Hindu man Bhoro Bheel and dragged it on to the streets.

This insult to the body was just one of the signs that the state of Pakistan refused to take seriously and as a result extremists are mushrooming in all parts of this nation.

Sindh is ruled by Pakistan People’s Party, also believed to have some secular inkling.

But coming back to the main issue, let’s forget the dead bodies; if one happens to be a non-Muslim who is alive in the state of Pakistan, then it is likely that he may have at least once feared the forced conversion of girls or boys or land snatching or destruction of his religious place.

It is due to this religious persecution that the poor Hindus and other minorities of Pakistan have no other place but end up migrating to India.