Pakistan Medical Association ‘demands’ more Medical Visas from India

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Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Friday appreciated the Indian government for issuing a Medical Visa to a two-and-a-half-year-old Pakistani baby boy, Rohan.

It noted that this was the first Medical Visa being issued to any Pakistani for last three months duration and also said that the Indian government had imposed an unannounced ban on issuance of medical visas to Pakistani citizens. It also underlined that thousands of patients from Pakistan wanting treatment for liver and heart-related ailments at major hospitals in New Delhi, Chennai, and other Indian cities had been affected due to non-issuance of the visas.


With the issuance of this visa, Pakistan Medical Association also ‘demanded’ immediate issuance of a visa to other patients who are anxiously waiting for their medical treatment in India. It said that “we hope that the Indian government will continue to issue the Medical Visa to the Pakistani patients and will not link this to politics.”

However, it has to be seen whether this ‘demand’ will be heeded especially due to acrimonious relations between the two nations due to repeated terrorist strikes in India. Many countries in the world take benefit of the Indian Medical Visas and the numbers have been increasing as the nuclear nation still lacks good doctors and medical services.

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