Pakistani program calls Hindus ‘Dogs’ but that is not all

Pakistani Hindus continue to face heinous discrimination in Pakistan with society at large happy to laugh at the abuses thrown at the hapless minority.

A clip of a “mazahia” TV show “Sawa Teen” which onPakistani channel Neo Tv on April 08, 2016  shows Hindus being addressed as ‘kutta’ or ‘dog’. This is however not new; Pakistani Hindus are treated as second-class citizens in Pakistan.

Mockery of Hindus, their gods and goddesses and derogatory language to target them is common as they are associated with the Hindu-majority India whose destruction is of extreme importance to keep the two-nation theory alive. The two-nation theory says that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together as they are two different nations and that is why forced conversions are rampant in Pakistan.

This program is not new; earlier a clip had surfaced which showed Pakistani TVprogram had done a program on how to handle a ‘Hindu’ ghost, Ram Gopal Verma ka Bhoot. Watch the clip here:



But these are mild in comparison to the Punjabi stage shows where extreme vulgarity against Hindus, especially against the women, is thrown at.

If this is surprising the check out the latest clip:

Sajan Abbas, is the actor who calls out “Hindu Kuttay” (Hindu DOGS) among thunderous clapping and laughter of audience which had a significant female presence as well as that of a Muslim religious figure.

5 million Hindus currently live in Pakistan and they are law-abiding citizens despite all the forced conversions and extreme form of violence they have to endure at the hands of the Pakistani majority.

PEMRA which was quick to tell its reporters to not ape Indian reporters in ‘crass commercialization’ of journalism has failed to protect the Hindu community against the ‘crass and diabolical commercialization’ of Hinduphobia prevalent in Pakistan.

Earlier, Hindu Parliamentarians had raised the issue of discrimination against Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan.

Pakistan Hindu MP Ramesh Kumar raised the issue of burning Bhagwad Gita and Guru Granth Sahib. Watch him speak here:
Pakistan has strict blasphemy laws which are liberally applied against non-Muslims but rarely a Muslim is tried when the aggrieved party is non-Muslim. Hindus are also derided as ‘cow-worshippers’ and are even harassed by Pakistani Parliamentarians of all hues and parties as was exposed by Hindu Parliamentarian Lal Malhi.

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