This Heart-Warming Story Will Definitely Make You Feel Good


I was coming back from my coaching class when I witnessed this beautiful relation between a street pup and a poor, barely clothed kid of 10 years. The location was near Sai Baba Mandir, Lodhi Road, Delhi. This story should make you feel good.

While I was going back to catch my Metro, I saw that the young kid was sleeping alone on the footpath when this street dog came to him and started licking his face. The boy woke up, and started playing with him. The intermingling of the two species was a beauty to behold. Their innocence, their joy could leave most of us yearning for same.

Out of curiosity, I walked up to the kid, and asked him: “Is he your pet?”

The boy said, “No.”

I was intrigued. So I asked him again, “Then why did he come to you? Why does he like you so much? You also seem to like him.”

To this, the young boy narrated to me a small incident.

“One day it was raining heavily and the young pup was searching for a cover. On that fateful day, I had received some extra biscuits from begging. It is a common sight near the Sai Baba Mandir to see people distribute various food items including biscuits, breads, and other things. After seeing him running aimlessly in fear, I brought him under a tree and gave him some biscuits. At first, he did not immediately eat. But after some time, he started eating, looking at me every now and then. Although I am not able to feed him every day, but he still comes to me. I like him.”

I was awestruck by the sense of humanity, love, compassion the 10-year old displayed for a stray pup. While we in our lives are forgetting all these values which make us human, there are some less affluent ones who show what having a big heart means!

I said to the kid to take good care of himself and the dog and gave him Rs 20. I know this wasn’t much, but hoped that it would at least encourage him to do well for others, and become a better human being than most of us ever will be.

Note: The story was sent to us by a reader who did not wish to be named. We have not verified the authenticity of the same. Artistic creativity has been used to some extent. If you too are interested in sharing your beautiful story, then message you privately on our Facebook page.

Source: Getty Images (Only for representational purpose.)