Serial dog killer and puppy stabber nabbed at last

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New Delhi, April 17, 2016: The man who stabbed dogs and pups in front of the Green Park Metro station in Delhi has been nabbed by the police and his weapon of crime, a knife, has also been seized. The serial dog killer was hiding after the gruesome murders of the dogs went viral triggering massive online protest by the netizens.

The serial dog killer is a resident of Lucknow where he went back after committing the crime.

In a massive manhunt that spanned almost a month, the police made full use of the CCTV clip that showed the serial dog killer attacking the friendly Indian street dogs in front of one of the exit gates of the metro station.

The serial dog killer’s name is Nakul Mishra, 28, and he is a graduate from the NIT Delhi.

He is said to have been undergoing mental treatment after he lost his job, his girlfriend, and also his pet dog which died recently which is said to have affected him mentally.

The incident of the serial dog murderer had come to light after the animal NGOs came forward releasing the footage and also announcing a reward Rs one lakh to anyone who would find the serial dog killer.

The gruesome video of the murdered dogs had outraged the public in India.

Indian street dogs are friendly and are considered part of the Indian culture; the killing of the dogs shook the general public and the police were under a lot of pressure to ensure justice for the deceased dogs. With the news of his arrest, the general public has heaved a sigh of relief.

Here is the link to the full report and the video where the serial dog killer is seen attacking the friendly canines right outside the Delhi Metro Station.