Serial dog stabber still roaming free in Delhi

dog stabber, puppy killer, Delhi, India, Metro

New Delhi, March 23, 2016: Crimes against animals are rising with an alarming rate in India. A shocking video has been posted by animal rights groups which shows a serial dog and puppy stabber stabbing to death one puppy whose body it also flung down the Green Park Metro station.

The shocking stabbing and murdering spree has also made the residents of the Green Park worried as such a person could become a menace for the society as well.

Despite the clear shot of the man’s face, the police have been unable to nab him and the locals are also unaware of who the person could be. Here is one of the pictures:


To ensure that the killer is caught, two NGOs, Humane Society International and  Fauna Police, have announced a reward of one lakh to get more details about the serial dog stabber.

The six minute video shows a man in jacket sitting alone while the Metro station is shut. Check the video here:

The second part of the video is here:

This video has now gone viral on social media with the outraged public seeking justice for the dogs. However, cruelty against dogs, cats or other strays like cows or goats is not new and they often get a raw deal as people turn a blind eye to their miseries.

We have also posted another news which showed a dog being brutalized on camera and a horse named shaktimaan getting scared when he was taken to a political rally. Eventually the horse lost one of his hind legs while the dog abuser still remains at large.

Dogs are considered a part of culture in India.



Here is when a stray dog entered a Delhi Metro coach and became a celebrity of sorts among the travellers:

dog stabber, puppuy killer, Delhi, India, Metro,


But now things have suddenly taken a turn post liberalization with many viewing dogs, especially those living on the streets, as a ‘menace’ and as a result crimes against them have increased a lot.