Sushma Swaraj helps an Indo-Pak couple!

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Sushma Swaraj is an angel for many. In the current case, she came to the rescue of an Indo-Pak couple who was facing visa woes.

Naresh Tewani, a resident of  Jodhpur, troubled with visa woes  after the Pakistani Hindu woman Priya Bachchani, whom he wanted to marry, ran into visa troubles but all sorted out in time and today the wedding is due to take place.

His to-be wife and her family ran into trouble for the visa and after trying all methods, he did what everyone does these days! Tweet to Sushma and let her take care of the issue.


And she replied soon and told him not to worry.

And of course, Sushma Swaraj ensured that all 35 people from the Bachchani family got visas to attend the wedding today!

Indeed, this is the reason why Sushma is considered one of the best ministers in the Narendra Modi cabinet.

Know the full case here:

Pakistani Hindu woman set to marry Indian man gets help from Sushma Swaraj

Everyone would appreciate the help that Sushma provides to those in need, even those who never appreciated her earlier:

Sushma Swaraj helps a honeymooner missing his wife, but not all is well

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