Toilet politics: Congress attacks Rishi Kapoor

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New Delhi, May 24, 2016: It couldn’t have gotten more crazier! Just when we had thought that toilet humour was a thin of past, Congress supporters hit out at Rishi Kapoor through a public urinal!

ANI UP reported that in Allahabad (UP), Congress supporters have named a public toilet after Rishi Kapoor in response to the actor’s tweet in which he had criticized Congress for naming public assets after Gandhi dynasty.

Well, the only reason why Rishi Kapoor would be angry at this act is that the picture on the urinal is not a good shot of the actor who has been raking controversies after controversies on Twitter.

His support for beef eating, his comments on Dimple Kapadia’s pregnancy and everything else makes him a controversial figure and it would have been wise to ignore his comments if Congress supporters wanted to take the high ground. But no such stuff for them as they are still stuck in the era of the 70s when Gandhi family symbolized everything in India!

However, Congress party already facing rebellion from within and smarting under defeats with BJP calling for ‘CongressMuktBharat’ should be vary of such actions by its supporters.

It is likely that Rishi Kapoor wouldn’t bother with the reaction or would make light of them but what he said did strike a chord somewhere as he himself wrote:

But coming to the point of toilets, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his election pitch had called for making more of them calling them more important than Temples.

Considering Narendra Modi’s words and with the toilets being so important now, the verbose Rishi Kapoor is unlikely to feel either humiliated or hurt.

So perhaps, Rishi Kapoor’s picture on toilets is a great step towards the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan and is the Congress’ contribution towards it.

It would have to be seen what Rishi says next, but whatever be the case, he is not the loser here.