What was Air India thinking when it blocked Omar Abdullah?

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So, by now, you would know that Air India blocked Omar Abdullah, a top Indian leader, on social media.

Worse, no one even knows what happened and who blocked Omar Abdullah and why.

Omar Abdullah shared it on Twitter that on 19th January he by chance made this discovery.

And yet, even till now the Air India has neither issued a clarification or an apology over this gaffe.

It is an insult being served to an ex-Chief Minister and also shows a serious lack of professionalism and courtesy on the part of the airlines which was in the news for being one of the worst in the world (which it says is incorrect).

Omar should also make a formal complaint against this blunder as it would help the national carrier to improve its social media team because this shows that if this is the treatment that a senior politician like him is getting then we can imagine how a common person would get treated.

But will he do it?

Social media is a powerful medium and can make and break images. An airline like Air India which was earlier getting thumbs up for special seats for women should ensure that its social media team understands the importance of their job. At a time when a tweet can even land you in jail, it is high time that the national carrier understands that it can also start political wildfires.

Air India can, however, take lessons from BSNL:

Social media outreach of BSNL is a lesson in marketing!