Zaira Wasim tells Vijay Goel: Women in Hijab are beautiful and free

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Dangal actor Zaira Wasim was unhappy with BJP leader Vijay Goel after he tagged her in a tweet.

In the tweet that Goel tagged Zaira Waseem in, a girl is seen covering with hijab and another one is sitting inside a cage.

He wrote saying that this his painting tells a story similar to @zairawasim, पिंजरा तोड़ कर हमारी बेटियां बढ़ने लगी हैं आगे (Our daughters are breaking the cages and moving forward)| More power to our daughters!

But Zaira Wasim who had to publically apologize after radicals trolled her on social media did not like this and wrote:

Sir, with all respect to you, I feel I must disagree. I request you not to connect me to such a discourteous depiction.

She also said that Women in hijab are beautiful and free and that the story depicted in the painting is not even remotely relevant to mine.

To this, the BJP leader said that the Dangal actor interpreted him wrong and said that:

I appreciated your work and stated that evil and patriarchal notions must be discouraged.

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