Overall Coal Stock Reaches 88.01 MT Registering an Increase of 24.7%

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New Delhi, August 29, 2023: The overall coal stock position i.e., at Mines, TPPs (DCB) and transit etc., as on 23.08.23 reached 88.01 MT, indicating a substantial increase of 24.7% as compared to the stock of 70.61 MT on 23.08.22. This higher coal stock position indicates commitment of maintaining an ample supply of coal by the Ministry of Coal.

Additionally, the Pithead Coal Stock at Coal India Limited (CIL) as on 23.08.23 stands at 46.13 MT, showcasing a growth rate of 45.5% as compared to the stock of 31.70 MT on 23.08.2022. This upward trend highlights effective stock management strategies and operational efficiency.

In terms of Coal Dispatch to the power sector, the cumulative achievement for the FY 2023-24 as on 23.08.2023, amounted to 307.97 MT, registering a notable growth rate of 5.6% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year ensuring a steady supply of coal to meet the energy requirements of the power sector.

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Overall, Cumulative Coal Production for FY 2023-24 has witnessed remarkable growth, with a production of 340.31 MT up to 23.08.2023, representing an impressive growth rate of 10.52% compared to the previous year’s 307.92 MT up to 23.08.22. Furthermore, the Overall Coal Dispatch has seen a substantial increase, reaching 371.11 MT up to 23.08.2023. This represents a commendable growth rate of 9.58% compared to the previous year’s dispatch of 338.66 MT till 23.08.22.

Coal Ministry is taking all necessary measures to promote sustainable growth in the coal sector through meticulous strategic planning and efficient execution to enhance domestic Coal Production capabilities. These efforts aim to strengthen the power sector in meeting the surging energy demands of the nation.

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