18.88 lakh new workers enrolled under ESI Scheme in September 2023

ESI Scheme, september 2023,

New Delhi, November 19, 2023: The provisional payroll data of ESI Scheme reveals that 18.88 lakh new employees have been added in the month of September, 2023 reported Ministry of Labour & Employment.

Around 22,544 new establishments have been registered and brought under the social security umbrella of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation in the month of September, 2023, thus ensuring more coverage.

Data evidently reveal that more jobs have been generated for the youth of the nation as out of the total 18.88 lakh employees added during the month, 9.06 lakh employees up to the age group of 25 years constitute the majority of new registrations which is 47.98 % of the total employees.

Gender-wise analysis of payroll data indicates that net enrolment of female members has been 3.51 lakh in September, 2023. The data shows that a total 61 transgender employees have also got registered under ESI Scheme in the month of September, 2023. It shows that ESIC is committed to deliver its benefits to every section of the society.

The payroll data is provisional since the data generation is a continuous exercise.