Global Maritime India Summit a huge success

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New Delhi, October 21, 2023: The Global Maritime India Summit, 2023, one of the largest maritime summits in the world, anchored ₹10 lakh crores of investment during the three day event, which concluded in Mumbai on October 21, 2023. With this huge feat, the third edition of the GMIS made a significant stride towards achievement of ‘Amrit Kaal Vision 2047’ of ₹80 trillion investment – a vision document shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the development of maritime sector by 2047.

The three days of the summit witnessed a series of insightful roundtables and sessions, each addressing critical aspects of the maritime sector including the key regional development initiatives with discussions on India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), BIMSTEC, Chabahar port INTSC corridor. Aspects like development of multiple ports of connectivity between Indian and EU countries combat geopolitical uncertainties, promoting maritime as gateway for BIMSTEC and IMEC economic corridors and facilitating joint forums to represent pertinent focus areas at IMO were some of the key areas of discussion.

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The Global Maritime India Summit 2023 highlighted the opportunities in the India’s cruise sector while bringing to light government’s commitment to developing the cruise sector with measures including creation of cruise terminal infrastructure, incentivization with relaxation in taxes, institutional capacity building with training academies dedicated to cruise, and an attractive and stable regularity policy framework in line with international standards inviting international players to set up their base in India. The government is planning to release a holistic Cruise promotion policy.

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