It’s a war: Twitterati fight Amazon-Flipkart war!

Flipkart, Amazon, Twitter, #SoreLoserFlipkart, MOTO

New Delhi, May 18, 2016: There is a war of epic proportions that is being fought on Twitter. Flipkart is under fire from Twitterati with #SoreLoserFlipkart trending almost the entire day today. But then, came the Indians who found the trend demeaning and pointless.

It is not clear who paid for the trend but Amazon has emerged as the target of their anger. Apparently the problem began with Flipkart going aggressive with its marketing and releasing a print advertisement which read #motoOnFlipkart which was identical to the ad that was done by Amazon for their Moto on Amazon.

But many saw this as a competition and nothing unethical on the part of Flipkart. Some also felt that the trend was very unfair to the Indian company.

While many were quick to point at Amazon and questioning the allegedly ‘paid’ trend.

But for many people this was a moment of pride as an American company was fighting competition from an American corporation and that too head to head!

Whatever be the case, it seems that the online war is going to fiercer and fiercer but indeed cheap trends such as these would not do anyone any favour. But a note to Flipkart loving people of Twitter, stop using the hashtag if you want the trend to go away! If not, you only feed the trend to continue further.