9-year old Hindu girl raped & killed, police say committed suicide!

Hindu girl, Darshana Bajeer, Pakistan, rape, forced conversion, Hindus

Amarkot, May 19, 2016: A nine-year-old Hindu girl was raped and killed in Amar Kot. Her name was Darshana Bajeer and she went to school but didn’t return and next day her body was found.

The medical report says that she was raped and killed but now the Hindu community says that it is under pressure by the police to accept that the 9-year old committed suicide.

The body of the girl was found in a water tank which is near her house.

Darshana Bajeer was the daughter of Saroon Bajeer and had gone from Bajeer Street of the Chachro Road area of Umerkot.

Rescuers sent the body to a local hospital for an autopsy later.

Here is the close-up of the Hindu girl

Hindu girl, Darshana Bajeer, Pakistan, rape, forced conversion, Hindus


This case is quite similar to the Inder Vineet case, where a minor boy, was found dead in Hyderabad Club but his family said that the boy was first subjected to sexual assault and then killed. The drowning was staged, they had alleged.

The same happened in the case of Sikh girl Anarkali Kaur who went to a Gurudwara but has been missing ever since. Due to these atrocities, minorities are forced to rush out and settle down in neighbouring India, where the government has eased Visa rules to accommodate them.

Pakistani Hindu intelligentsia protested this latest attack on minor Hindu girls in large numbers:


What is surprising is that these attacks happen in Sindh, ruled by a secular political party, PPP, which has largely remain nothing but a mute spectator. Even the Twitter friendly Zardari family has not said anything on these attacks.


Hindu girl, Darshana Bajeer, Pakistan, rape, forced conversion, Hindus,

Due to the silence on the part of Pakistani politicians, the attacks on Hindu girls are increasing by the day and the police has so far failed to show that it in any ways cares to find the culprits.