Nissan to Launch GT-R and X-Trail Hybrid in India

New Delhi, February 6, 2016:  At this year’s Delhi Auto Expo Nissan announced  that it will bring its iconic GT-R sportscar and new X-Trail Hybrid crossover to India in the 2016 financial year.

The company is hoping that with the introduction of these products from the Nissan global line-up will enable more choices for customers in India.

GT-R will arrive on Indian shores in September 2016, while the newX-Trail Hybrid will follow before the end of the financial year. India will be the fourth market in the world after Japan, Thailand and Indonesia where Nissan will have introduced the X-Trail Hybrid.

Guillaume Sicard, President, Nissan India Operations, commented: “Bringing these two standout models to India shows Nissan is a brand going places. Nissan GT-R and X-Trail Hybrid each have their own strengths as great examples of Nissan engineering and technological expertise, and embody our brand promise of ‘Innovation and Excitement’. Having created a strong foundation for success by building our local presence and extensive retail network, we are now introducing a wave of dynamic and exciting products through the mid-term that will draw fresh eyes to our brand.”

Nissan’s flagship GT-R sportscar delivers great performance.
The company also stated that with new levels of sophistication and refinement, the GT-R enables a driver to enjoy the car’s capabilities to the fullest, whether navigating corners of a winding mountain road, cruising on the highway or in an urban environment.

It also said that current GT-R’s twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine produces 550PS and 632Nm of torque, with ample power that will satisfy any motoring fan. Its 0.26 drag coefficient, one of the best amongst supercars, helps the GT-R slice through the air efficiently.

This car also boasts a wealth of on-board technology and unrivalled handling.

The new Nissan X-Trail Hybrid will come to India as the market’s first ever full hybrid SUV, and brings Nissan’s latest hybrid vehicle technology to India for the first time.
In addition to strengthening its brand presence in India by introducing compelling models from its global line-up, Nissan has vowed that it will continue to strengthen its brandthrough its eight-year- long partnership with the International Cricket Council, announced in November 2015.