NERCRMS initiative: Making an earning through cow!

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New Delhi, January 31, 2022: NgoyumYumyang, who lives in Lazu Village, Ollo Community, Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh, as a single mother and sole breadwinner, she has endured a lot of hardship to support her family. Her family consists of one son and one daughter.

After the sudden death of her husband, she realised that her family’s income was about to collapse, who was the only earner in the family by doing small daily wages. She no longer had the funds to feed the family and had to face many difficulties in providing food and education for her children. Going through this hardship, she never gave up and hoped for good days to come.

She had no idea what she could do for a living because she was illiterate and her main occupation was Jhum cultivation. She could only provide food, not a proper quality education. She realised that if her children do not receive a proper education, they will face the same difficulties that she is going through.

Through the NERCORMP Project of NERCRMS, with each minor detail, she began to learn more and more about this project. She took an idea from the project and came up with a proposal for a cow. Through NERCRMS she received two cows and decided to start increasing the number of cows

Over the years, NgoyumYumyang, has had a better life. She started with two cows and now has more than ten. She would earn money by selling the cow, and the manure from the cow dung would provide a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields.

Since agriculture is the main source of income, cow dung plays an important role in her life; As a result, her vegetable garden began to offer crops all year with the help of cow manure. Earlier, the soil was not fertile and bad for vegetable cultivation. As a result, production was extremely low.

She now has a decent standard of living and has enough money to provide food and a good education for her children. She never loses hope in life and is continuously looking for ways to improve her situation.

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