Global Conference on Cyber Space talks about Blockchain

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The momentum set by the first day of the Curtain Raiser to Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) 2017, was well maintain on the second day. The conference, among other things, focused on blockchain technology under the title “Blockchain: The Biggest Paradigm Shift.”

Calling this technology the Internet 2.0: Reimagining Trust Management it was proclaimed to be the biggest impact of 21st century. The conference envisioned to make India one of the front runners in the global blockchain revolution. India as one the largest democracies has taken the initiatives by supporting early adoption of technology transformation and digital inclusion and seeking to spearhead global adoption of the technology through international cooperation.

It was said that through this, India will send a strong message to the world about her ability to identify futuristic technology and her intention for making deliberate contributions to world peace through technology. This technology is considered as one of the biggest achievements of 21st Century, is a transformational technology tool that could help India and the world in major technological advances.

Interestingly enough, while India remains vary of digital currency Bitcoin which essentially runs on blockchain, it is open to explore the technology. One of the objectives of the conference was to work on a vision of how blockchain [Internet 2.0] is going to extraordinarily impact the world at large, corporates from different sectors and bring change in the lives of common people.

To seek an outcome which sees global cooperation in accelerating the adoption of this tech globally. For this, the conference said that both government delegates and sector leaders can explore how they can contribute individually and jointly in adoption of blockchain in their operations and impact lives of common people.

It noted that the leaders “can discuss, explore and initiate PPP projects and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.”

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