Hillarious tweets, angry reactions bring Snapchat to limelight

Miranda Kerr, Evan Spiegel, India, Snapchat

Gautam Rode, the hunk with over millions of fans has slammed Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel for saying that his app is only for rich people and that he didn’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.

Gautam Rode wrote:

Around 158 million daily active Snapchat users in the world.
Around 4 million Indian Snapchat users.
India is the second largest smartphone market in the world.
Yet we are considered poor by #Snapchat CEO #EvanSpiegel
I had never considered Snapchat, now for sure never will

You can read what he said on his Facebook wall:

Gautam Rode isn’t the only one, Urvashi Rautela also slammed the disrespectful comment and said:

Dear Evan SpiegelSnapchat.
India is so rich that PM Narendra Modi had to implement demonetization to find out who is actually poor!

Evan Spiegel has made millions angry with his comments but many believe that an explanation must now come forth or else the damage will be extensive. People have started boycotting it:

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Evan Spiegel is dating lingerie model Miranda Kerr and they were in India and went to Rishikesh.


Evan Spiegel was said to be mesmerized by India so the question is that what went wrong or did we get it wrong like it happened in the case of Myntra?