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Rajdeep Sardesai is back on Twitter

New Delhi, May 10, 2016: On 30th April, 2016 came the news that Rajdeep Sardesai had left Twitter after a hacking scare. Some journalists were aghast and lashed out at Narendra Modi government and against some ‘paid ‘trolls after his exit. His leaving Twitter became a huge point of discussion, but then the good news […]

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India -China relationship on the mend?

New Delhi, May 5, 2016: Han Zheng, Party Secretary of Shanghai and Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China, met the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 5, 2016. During the meeting Narendra Modi recalled his meeting with Zheng in Shanghai when he visited China last year. Han Zheng also stressed that the Prime […]

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Dear men, will you wear a bra?

New Delhi,  May 4, 2016: Bra has become an important garment for women. As a society we are growing accustomed to seeing the girls in the bra. In India, bra was introduced pretty late and in fact became a vogue with the advent of female film stars whose posture and taut shape inspired millions of […]

Do you know about the Zorawar day?

India Army has a Zorawar day which celebrates the valour, spirit, and sacrifice of General Zorawar Singh. In fact, on April 25th, 2016, Indian Army’s Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regimental Centre celebrated the day for the 198th time while remembering the brave General who has been an inspiration for the jawans for ages.     On […]